Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Dekko Comics

I worked on Rossie Stone's project, Dekko comics, between April and August this year and it was great.  I was doing inking and colouring for these Beano and Dandy style comics that aim to teach the school curriculum in a different way for children with Dyslexia. 

Check out the site and facebook page for more info. It's a brilliant idea and deserves all your support!


I can't share any of the pages yet but here are some of the character sketches and initial attempts to get everything the way Rossie wanted.

Leading up to Dekko I was working on a Sci Fi comic,  "They Came From Planet Earth".  It's been released online from insane comics.

Here's some panels and promo images. Interior art by moi , cover art and promo Art by other artists. 

I loved working to this gray end result. I think it's ended up looking really good. If I never have to paint another forest though...