Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Masters Degree

I've gone back to education yet again heh. I'm now on an MDes in Comics and Graphic Novels at Dundee Uni. The timing of it all worked out quite well with Dekko Comics finishing up in mid August. I'm looking forward to coming out of it next year with a strong portfolio of comic work.

Three weeks in and I'm enjoying it so far. There's a good bunch of people on the course and the research is mostly all reading comics and articles, and books about comics. What's not to like? *cough*essays*cough*

It's not all writing though, there's a creative element and the final dissertation is just a 22 page comic.

I've a new blog up for this semester for a 12 page comic project. It's a bit bare bones just now, but several drafts of the script is up if anyone fancies a read.

It's looking like I'll also be doing They Came From Planet Earth issue 2 as well starting in October.