Sunday, 11 February 2018

Jan-Feb 2018

It has been so  long since I posted an update that this will be quite a long entry. 

Last time I posted I was just finishing Semester 1 of the comics masters course at Dundee University. 

I've updated my Website and Instagram with a bunch of images.

I can't post much of the lost legionnaire as it's being published soon by Comichaus. Here's a couple panels. It's a horror story about a Roman Legion getting trapped in a mysterious forest full of demons. This project was a great chance to write and draw a comic on my own. I enjoyed the freedom of controlling the pacing from the script and not just the page layouts. I also am quite fond of this style of rendering. I think it's very me.

After completing the lost legionnaire I started working on Unity, a superhero comic for the main project of the masters degree. The idea was to do some sort of riff on 90's style x-men comics. 

Anyway here are some of the pages.

It was optional to do some comic pages for most of the essays on the course. Here is the one I did for the Superhero module featuring "The Phantom". Got good marks for this :D

And this is another completed for an essay about Flash Gordon written by Dom Archer. 

Right after completing the course I did the 2000AD art competition at thought bubble and got second place. I was well chuffed. Here are the pages I produced for it.

Unfortunately I was pushed for time to get these done and it shows. Ideally I'd have liked the inking to have been as consistant and an improvement on what I did with 'The Lost Legionnaire'. What I ended up with is some sort of mish mash of styles between that and the unity project I had just finished. Still, second place is no bad. 

Since graduating I have worked on a short comic called Children of the Well for the Inkpot studio anthology and They Came From Planet Earth issue 2 and 3. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Masters Degree

I've gone back to education yet again heh. I'm now on an MDes in Comics and Graphic Novels at Dundee Uni. The timing of it all worked out quite well with Dekko Comics finishing up in mid August. I'm looking forward to coming out of it next year with a strong portfolio of comic work.

Three weeks in and I'm enjoying it so far. There's a good bunch of people on the course and the research is mostly all reading comics and articles, and books about comics. What's not to like? *cough*essays*cough*

It's not all writing though, there's a creative element and the final dissertation is just a 22 page comic.

I've a new blog up for this semester for a 12 page comic project. It's a bit bare bones just now, but several drafts of the script is up if anyone fancies a read.

It's looking like I'll also be doing They Came From Planet Earth issue 2 as well starting in October.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Dekko Comics

I worked on Rossie Stone's project, Dekko comics, between April and August this year and it was great.  I was doing inking and colouring for these Beano and Dandy style comics that aim to teach the school curriculum in a different way for children with Dyslexia. 

Check out the site and facebook page for more info. It's a brilliant idea and deserves all your support!

I can't share any of the pages yet but here are some of the character sketches and initial attempts to get everything the way Rossie wanted.

Leading up to Dekko I was working on a Sci Fi comic,  "They Came From Planet Earth".  It's been released online from insane comics.

Here's some panels and promo images. Interior art by moi , cover art and promo Art by other artists. 

I loved working to this gray end result. I think it's ended up looking really good. If I never have to paint another forest though...